Let me tell you three things I’ve learned in the fashion industry:

  1. Style isn’t what everyone else is wearing, it’s what fits you and your personality best. It does not come in a certain height, size, or shape. It comes when you wear something and feel amazing in it (even if it’s an adorable pair of joggers🤷🏻‍♀️🥰)
  2. Comparison will get you nowhere. Worrying about what others will think, what they would say or wear, or even how it “looks” like they are doing (especially on social media) should have no, NO, impact on how you feel about yourself or your life or your style. If they are stealing any type of joy from you, even momentarily, delete them. This has nothing to do with them; it’s entirely for your own peace.
  3. Confidence is the root of style. If you say you are going to look hideous in something, you will. If you tell yourself you are going to look fabulous in it, you will. If you love the color, if you love the look, WEAR IT! I hear over and over that “you can pull it off, but there’s no way I can”, and that’s complete b*llsh*t. Wear it. Rock it. It’s about self-confidence and nothing else. Choose to be #BeautifullyConfident 💕


I’m always here for style ideas or advice! Message me anytime.


💋 Tara


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