Here are some easy ways to help reduce the stress (and cost) of dressing for family photos:


  1. You don’t need to match 100%. I repeat, YOU DO NOT. Do not spend hours trying to get the exact same shade. Most of the time you can’t even tell, and even if you can, it often looks better that way.  Complimenting color shades looks the most natural, and is MUCH easier to attain.
  2. Don’t clash. While you don’t need (or want, in my opinion) to look matchy-matchy, you do want to select colors that in no way clash with one another. Pinterest is a great place to search color pallets if you want to be hard core about it. Otherwise, common sense will take you a long ways with this one.
  3. Think simple when it comes to color. A lot of bright colors is pretty, but takes away from the real point of the picture: the people in it. So don’t overthink this part because again: less is more.
  4. Pick items you (or the majority of you) already have in your closet. For example, if three out of the five of you have some earthy fall colors that you are going for, just worry about purchasing for the lesser of the crowd. (Or mamas- find colors everyone else have and you have the perfect excuse to go shopping😉)
  5. Similar prints (on a couple of you) tend to bring the picture together. Some stay away from prints all together, but I think they add a nice touch and a little dynamic to the photo without overwhelming the beautiful people in it. And often times those prints have colors in them that blend well with the rest of the outfits, really bringing the photo together and also giving you more options for what you already have in your closets.


Bonus tip:: Don’t stress over it. The pictures will look perfect simply because all of the people that you love most in the world are in them with you. You are all beautiful and will look amazing. Enjoy the experience and time with your favorite people. ❤️


**NOTE** These tips will also work great for weddings, family events, holidays, etc. Anywhere the camera might be out and you want to look on-point. 😉


XOXO ~ Tara

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