Hey I’m Tara!

I’m the founder of Social Hour Style, a women’s clothing store, sizes S-3X, carrying items that are perfect for everyday styles and are versatile to wear multiple times in different ways to create different looks with the same items.

So why did i focus SO much on this?! Growing up, I had a strict budget when it came to clothes. And I always wanted them ALL, but because of the budget I needed to buy the more practical items and I always shy’d away from the fun, unique items that I REALLY wanted because I thought, everyone will notice my one cute outfit every time I wear it! And this was even BEFORE social media…

My goal for Social Hour Style is to provide affordable, versatile, unique, and yes, trendy, items with the idea in mind to provide you with many different looks for the same items!

A little about me: I’m 34 years old, the proud mama of two girls and a boy aging 7-14 and the wife of a farmer. Which means I had to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams from right where I was at, small town Iowa. I’m a former MBA grad and HR Manager of a decade or so.

To get really personal, I’m a recovering people-pleaser and have just recently been able to break away from others opinions of me and how I choose to live my life — can anyone else relate?!

As easy as I make that sound, it’s really not at all and if any of you have worked towards doing the same, you know exactly what I mean. Following your dreams takes thicker skin than I ever imagined, and the critics will always be there. So moving on with my dreams definitely required this shift in my thinking, and at the same time has really allowed me to build the concept that Social Hour Style is built open: Beautifully Confident.

About the brick and mortar. I purchased an abandoned building in my town of 250 people because I really felt the town that I loved so much needed something more to do, and from that simple thought, created Social Hour & Social Hour Style, which officially opened in November 2016. The main level of my brick-and mortar location is a bar that features lots of indoor games, appetizers, events, and an awesome glass garage door that leads out to the sunny patio (my favorite part)!  The lower level of Social Hour is where Social Hour Style lives. The concept for my small town and surrounding communities — relax, enjoy time with friends or family, and shop — all at the same time!

What evolved from what I even believed to be “just another boutique” turned out to be so much more.

Through helping women of all sizes find clothes that made them smile and feel great about themselves is when I realized it was so much more than “just clothes”. It was about building that level of confidence in them to see that they could rock any look that they wanted to.

About the brand: Beautifully Confident

I know what you’re thinking guys, I do. This is a clothing store, you sell CLOTHES. And I do. I love selling clothes, but what I love even more than that?! Selling CONFIDENCE.

Yes, I get it, it’s not something you can buy or sell, but it’s something I personally lacked, for let’s say the first 33 years of my life (I’m 34).

And what I DON’T want, is for anyone to wait as long as I did to realize that CONFIDENCE is right at your fingertips, you’ve just got to believe in YOU. Invest in YOU. And do I mean buying everything and anything you want that makes you feel pretty? No.

No. Not at all. And I know, the sales professionals reading this are shaking their heads right now thinking this girl is NUTS. She’s not even trying to sell her own stuff.  And while I may be a bit crazy (ask my hubby), what I want for you is WAY more than that. I want you to stop doubting yourself, stop putting everyone else first, stop criticizing yourself and your body, and create you. Create your own style, rock that confidence that makes you, YOU. Because there is literally only one of you. And that girl, is absolutely amazing.