I’ve got simple, and I mean simple, ways to show you how you can create easy styles with what you’ve already got in your closet.


Wear black. Yes, I know you’ve got something black in that closet of yours. Grab that black top. Those black jeans or leggings, and even a black jacket for those chilly nights. Add an accent. A belt. A statement necklace. Or the super fun shoes you’ve got shoved in the back of your closet because they just never “go” with anything. Well ladies, anything goes with black. And you get to make it your very own by adding those favorite, bold accessories to this style. (BONUS:: Black is ohhh- so- slimming)


Wear White. Ok, now we are just getting too easy on you, aren’t we?! But seriously, throw on that white top, white bottoms, and do exactly the same as before. Accent with your absolute faves and add that favorite pop of color that you’re always dying to wear.


Leggings!!! Yes, leggings, and I’m talking to ALL of you. No matter size or shape. If you find the right pair of leggings, that are NOT paper thin, and pair it with a flattering top, you cannot, I mean CANNOT, go wrong. Still don’t believe me, check out these looks below!! The bottom line with leggings is they are COMFY, and can look dressed up OR down simply based on your choice of top and shoes, and for me personally, my mood🤷🏻‍♀️😆So grab that favorite top and don’t be shy. Leggings are so slimming and flattering on so many body types, you’ve just got to know what you want to show and what you want to keep to yourself. 😉


Go for the dress, romper, or jumpsuit. Like Nike says, JUST DO IT!!! This one piece item allows for a 5 min look that is comfortable & looks so put together. No time to do the hair?! No problem. Just throw it into a messy bun on top of your head and head straight out the door. There is no need to wait for a special occasion to wear this look. It is absolutely perfect for these hot summer days, going straight from work to out on the town, and so cute and comfy with zero effort. Can you say winning?!



Grab that favorite pair of denim. You know you’ve got one. Throw them on, and grab that graphic tee or any top that’s hanging in the very back of the closet. You may have worn the jeans yesterday (or every day last week), but no one has seen that top for awhile. Half tuck it in. Or knot tie it. Or don’t. Just wear it however you feel best. Now grab those accessories. Dress it down with an old ball cap and tennies, or dress it up with a simple heel or platform, jewelry, and a jacket or blazer. 3-2-1 and your killing it girl.


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 XOXO ~ Tara